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About Croxx

Croxx is a creative team based in California that emerged from a shared desire to create multi-purpose backpacks that combines practical everyday functionality with technical elements of outdoor gears. We believe that a backpack should be an interface between you and the fast-paced urban life you live in, with functionality and versatility in every context so you can be prepared for the unexpected and have the confidence to explore new ground.   

Design Concept

Our design process is simple:  We focus on essential features and edit out the unnecessary.  We evaluate feedback, define product parameters, and start designs by putting pen to paper.  Iterative prototyping and testing are critical to our design process.  After surviving extensive field testing, and once our team is satisfied with the overall design, we start sharing it with the world.

Peak Performance

Performance is our top priority. We thought about every detail, carefully considering features while remaining dedicated to keeping it light. Function-driven designs coupled with a timeless aesthetic ensure our Advanced Series products will perform beautifully, time after time.

Industrial Leading Materials

Croxx products are built from the best materials and hardware in the industry.  We work with brand name suppliers including Cordura, YKK, Duraflex, Nexus, and Nifco to design the most dependable gear possible.  We don't stop there, our warranty and repair program is unparalleled.  We stand behind our gear- you can count on it