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About Us

Cargo Works

At Cargo Works, we are passionate about providing solutions for carrying everyday gear. We make durable and functional bags for daily carrying in the city. Intuitive functionality is at the core of our designs for each bag. We want our bags to handle all the things we carry on a daily basis. Things such as laptop, iPad, Smartphone, or any essential items that make our life works. Pockets are well divided and spaced, so you can store items effortlessly yet in an organized way

We make our products durable to withstand abuse in the urban environments. But at the same time we want to keep our bag lightweight and comfortable. In this collection, we combine a 1050 denier outer fabric with a 150 denier ripstop liner.

The surface of the 1050D fabric is Teflon coated, with multiple layers of polyurethane backing, so it has very good water repellency. The 150D fabric has a 2mm ripstop pattern, this allows the bag to be ripped free even when it is punctured by the EDC tools.

We are consistently adding to our range of products, and we always listen to feedback from our customer. If you want to drop by and say hello, simply email us on